Use case: Business Strategy

How can geographic data help your company?

One leading company specializing in Geomarketing wanted to adjust its statistical models to guide the telecommunication companies in distributing their mobile networks by geographic region more efficiently. Until then, most of the information used to conduct projects was obtained through market research, but their customers were seeking greater accuracy of the material provided, which was impracticable due to the cost and time required for the research. So, WebRadar came into the picture.

Our Conatus Platfom is constantly fed by a huge amount of data from thousands of mobile devices, which, after being processed and organized, generates information on cellular coverage regarding the performance of operators in several cities in globally. By applying business rules, we create geographical data vectors, indicating the best composition of networks per operator for each census region, neighborhoods and cities.


The information obtained by WebRadar´s solution was delivered to the Geomarketing company, which, in turn, offered near real-time data to their own customers, presenting the best disposal of mobile networks by region. This enabled the redistribution of existing networks and better acquisition of new ones.

After three months of operation, they achieved a decrease of more than 80% in requests for product replacement  due to mobile network failure and a 12% reduction in renegotiations of contracts with operators.