Enhanced Big Data Platform for Artificial Intelligence

Effort. Endeavour. Striving. Inclination of a thing to continue to exist and enhance itself. This is the meaning of Conatus, a central theme in the philosophy of Baruch Spinoza and other great thinkers. The word has been used to describe the energy that inhabits bodies and sets them in motion. By no coincidence, it is the name of our platform.

The capability of extracting data from heterogeneous environments is added to the high technology of artificial intelligence and equipped with Stream Processing, capable of applying techniques of data mining while information is stored in the Cloud. Conatus enables your analytics to work in petabytes.


Discover our platform:

Conatus is a Big Data Analytics Platform for IoT, developed to simplify the business environment and ensure optimal decision-making. It uses complex algorithms to analyse unstructured data from heterogeneous sources, correlate information and deliver valuable insights that enables strategic planning at various levels of the corporation. With a custom structure, it continually improves functionalities to help organizations from different sectors to unlock their full potential.


Our big data approach:


Key features


SPCI: Streaming Processing CORE Infrastructure

Process files 100x bigger in 10x less time

Scalable in Petabytes

Ingest +3 million events per sec. // 100+ Petabytes unstructured data // Millions of queries by thousand of users

High performance with less hardware cost

Conatus can reach 10X investment reduction in hardware for large volumes of data

Artificial intelligence applied

The platform gains autonomy with the use and with the network

WebRadar API

Monetize unstructured data by customer and partners, enable strategic alliances and integrate with the existing platform

Enable new analytics solution

Conatus adjusts itself to every company's desires and goals, allowing integration with other tools

Improvement in Geolocation Algorithm

Continuous improvement of the accuracy of the events location by neural network algorithms


Conatus meets the demands of the modern enterprise:



High-end technology developed by a world-class team of software developers, engineers, and business strategists.


Advanced analytics that enable your company to minimize failures, improve uptime, reduce costs and increase competitive advantage.


Custom configurations that suit your needs and requirements.


A unique knowledge structure that helps your company to understand and act on its data.


Features designed to unlock your business’ full potential and optimise performance.


High quality system that makes use of advanced technologies to ensure safety.

Explore our solutions in depth:


Predictive analytics solution capable of transforming your data into valuable insights. Its unique structure allows the handling of primary state data, together with a flexible reports builder and a contemporary data visualization tool, working within the dashboard analytics application.
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Cutting-edge solution addressed to marketing, sales and digital enterprises. This application discovers coverage black spots and poor service areas that your competitors do not want you to be aware of. This feature enables your Marketing Department to retain your subscribers most likely to churn.
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Solution that offers an innovative geographic visualization of the user experience. All messaging traffic that traverses the network is exploited, correlated and georeferenced. This sophisticated application runs on Conatus and provides a singular geovisualization of the user experience.
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A SmallCell planning solution that uses geoinformation technology and specialized algorithms to correlate data from various sources (such as users’ smartphones, socio-demographic variables, statistics and maps) with customers’ own data. This way, it runs a territorial diagnosis and helps companies to make better business decisions.
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Advanced automotive solution that optimizes fleet management and uses real-time connected sensors. Besides improving safety, it reduces carbon footprint and costs. Quality Transport is totally tailored to fit the customer’s requirements and is developed in modules that include video management, “rotograma” (routes schedule), working hours control, among others.
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